Nine new ways to say “Thanks for having me.”

You’re being interviewed on television, or on the radio, or during the creation of a video. The interviewer politely says to you: “Thank you for joining us.” And you reply with: “Thanks for having me.”

Thanks for having me? Sure, it’s a swell reply. After all, it’s brief (always a plus). And your words project appreciation and sophistication. But you wish you could have replied with something more original.

So, below are nine new ways to say, “Thanks for having me.”

  1. “It was time well spent. Thanks.”

  2. “It was my pleasure.”

  3. “Glad/Great to be here.”

  4. “It was nice speaking with you.”

  5. “Anytime. Thank you so much.”

  6. “This was great. Thanks.”

  7. “Always great to be here, [name].” (Of course, that assumes you’re a repeat guest.)

  8. “I enjoyed speaking with you.”

  9. “Thank you. It was fun.” (Assuming the interview was fun, and not a verbal beat-down.)

Obviously, the above replies should be tweaked for use at either the beginning or end of an interview. And don’t forget to modify the reply to reflect whether it was a face-to-face interview (“…nice to be here, John…”) or a remote interview.

Author Joe Starin heads up Hit by a Brick, an independent copywriting resource.