Hit_By_A_Brick (1).jpg

Marketing is complicated. But, I (Joe) have been able to foolishly condense the entire marketing process into just two parts:

Part 1 is the brick.

Think of the brick as a metaphor for your message. Your message needs to be the right message, of course. And it needs to be pitched at the right people using just the right touch. Good so far?

Part 2 is the hit.

The hit is that precise moment when your brick (AKA “your message”) meets your customer. The hit must be firm and engaging. If it is, you’ve snagged a potential new customer.

Sometimes you need a hard-hitting effort. Other messages require a softer approach – like a gentle, sensitive nudge. Either way, the customer must receive your message, feel your message, and be encouraged to take action. Joe Starin of Hit by a Brick can do that for you.