Not every business or organization chooses to work with an independent contractor (such as me) for their content writing. Here are the types of businesses that typically reach out to Joe Starin of Hit by a Brick.…

  • Large companies that have designers on staff, but lack a talented wordsmith.

  • Companies that need an outsider to “break down” their semi-technical products and services into easy-to-digest features and benefits.

  • Small to medium companies that need a writer and marketing consultant to help craft their messages.

  • Ad agencies needing fresh, strong conceptual thinking for important creative presentations.

  • Insanely busy ad agencies — with overworked copywriters or content writers on vacation.

  • Companies that need to position/re-position themselves to become more distinctive and competitive. 



I can work on-site – at your firm. Or from way far away. Many companies prefer to work long distance using conference calls throughout a project. This makes good use of your people’s time. And it certainly keeps my hours lower, which impacts the invoice I’ll send later. In fact there are a few clients that I’ve done work for, but never met. Quite a different world, huh?



Every process is different because every business, brand, product, service, marketing vehicle, and audience is different. But here are the basics of how I might collaborate with you:

  • Meet (in person or virtually) to see if you and I are a good fit.

  • I get to meet the team (or bring a team).

  • We discuss what needs to be marketed: your company, product or service.

  • I get to absorb and fully understand your business’s problems and/or opportunities.

  • We talk background info, deadlines, expectations, and money.

We look at your brand – everything must stay “on brand.” Then we define the task. Create a concept. Write some headlines. And craft a copy intro to set the tone, Maybe develop a content outline to make sure we’ve created the right buckets to pour the information into…