Mark Priebe, COO, Proximity Marketing

“Joe…you wrote/edited the copy for this [email] campaign. Response has been unbelievable. Nice job!”

Nancy Mills, Interactive Media Specialist, Proximity Marketing

“All I can say is….you are good!!! Love LOVE how you write – entertaining, yet informative. So glad you are on our team!!!”

Katie Stroh, Regional Marketing Communications Leader, Kaiser Permanente®

“Can I just tell you what a good writer you are? I am so impressed by your talent. Just thought I would tell you. Enjoy your day.”

Ann Poston, Diebold, Incorporated, Global Security Division, Marketing Specialist

“Joe, this is marvelous! …very pleased with this (and thanks for working on such a short turnaround).”

Jenny Brown, Associate Marketing Specialist, Diebold, Inc.

“Hi Joe, I'm reading through these and they look great! Thanks again for all of your help. You are great to work with!”

“Thanks, Joe. The landing pages really hit the mark!”

Shannon Brys Marketing Communications, Swagelok Company

“Thanks Joe! You are awesome to work with.”

Diane M. Fischer, Director of Marketing, DirectConnectGroup

“This is awesome, Joe! Thanks for the great work!”

Steven C. Morey, Senior Art Director, Dix & Eaton

“…know that we are EXTREMELY pleased with the work you did on the copy!  Thanks so much and we look forward to working with you in the future!”

Michelle L. Richter, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Kaiser Permanente

“Nice job, Joe!”

Gregg LaBar, Vice President, Dix & Eaton

“Wow – I like this guy’s style! I made some edits in structure, but I really like his pitch!”

By B. Scott Harroff, Chief Information Security Architect, Diebold Global Security