Do you market a product, service or cause to various audiences via multiple channels? Need a content writer who can understand what you do, explain it to others, inject creativity when appropriate, and get semi-technical when needed? Try Midwest content writer Joe Starin.

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Meet Joe

Hit by a Brick is fronted by content writer Joe Starin. Joe’s a veteran copywriter and business writer who lays down words with energy, precision and enthusiasm. In the end, clients get the marketing results they need. And best of all, no one gets hurt (although quite a few people do get nudged into taking action).

Can I just tell you what a good writer you are? I am so impressed by your talent. Just thought I would tell you. Enjoy your day.
— Regional Marketing Communications Leader for a national health plan provider

How can Joe help you?

Some of the skills we offer at Hit by a Brick

Blogs for everyday life

I’m a writer. I wrote these. Please read them. Thanks.

All I can say is….you are good!!! Love LOVE how you write – entertaining, yet informative. So glad you are on our team!!!
— Interactive Media Specialist for a regional interactive marketing agency