“Hit by a Brick” explained

Marketing is complicated. And today there are more ways than ever to market a product, a service or a company. However, I’ve been able to dangerously compress the entire marketing process into two basic steps:

    First step: The Brick

  • Think of the brick as a metaphor for your message.
  • That message needs to be the right message, of course.
  • And it must be carefully developed to help your customer solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity.

    Then comes: The Hit

  • That is the moment when your brick (AKA “the message”) touches your customer.
  • Sometimes you need a hard-hitting effort.
  • Other messages require a softer approach – a gentle, sensitive nudge.
  • Either way, the customer must receive your message, feel your message, and be moved.
  • Hit by a Brick can do both for you.