Digital content

Website content. SEO. Email marketing. Landing pages. Blog posts. E-newsletters. Online articles. Infographics. 2-D and 3-D animation. What do you need to shine online? Writing interactive content is different than writing for print. For digital you need to write with one half of your brain thinking about search engines. But the goal is still to engage first, offer to help second, then ask for the order.

Advertising copy

Collateral. Direct mail. Magazine ads. Sell sheets. Though a smaller part of what I do now, offline marketing vehicles remain powerful marketing tools for the right audience if delivered at the right time and in the right way. The keys to success? Strong creative ideas and execution. Plus relevant messaging. Plus crisp copy that respects the reader.

Creative concepts

A highly creative approach can carry your marketing message high above that of the competition. Just be sure to put your marketing communications into the hands of people who can consistently bring high-level creative thinking to your marketing challenges. For some creative (and effective) samples please visit the Hit by a Brick portfolio page.


Your product or your service (or the company itself) needs to be more than good. It must be different. And it must be different in a way that’s important to your customers. Let Hit by a Brick help position your product, service or company to make it more distinctive and preferred.

Semi-technical writing

So, who’s going to explain all that stuff? It might just be me. Technically, I am not a technical writer. But many companies hire me as a sort of “technology translator” — a writer who takes complex products, services and processes (think scientists and engineers) and explains them to less-technical audiences (customers, distributors, the media).

Content for older adults

Hey, there are scores of older adults that need to be reached with sound information about relevant products, services and issues. Do you have older adults that you need to contact? I can help. Call and I’ll explain how. Call Joe at 440.223.8398.